Mengapa Mac lebih mahal

Mengapa komputer Mac lebih mahal…

The answer is fairly obvious to anyone coming to Macs after years of using commodity PC equipment: better design and build quality costs more. What you get is a machine whose hinges don’t begin to wobble in the first six months of use, and whose keyboard doesn’t degrade to a rickety mess of loose keys and hidden debris. I’ve owned or used at least a half-dozen Dell and Winbook laptops over the years. Each required at least one service call during its three-year life cycle, one as many as three, leaving a single piece of plastic from among the original parts. I’d bet that HP repair statistics are similar.

Apple customers are people willing to pay $390 more for computing hardware and software, and reward the company with commensurately higher profits. All I can add to Matt’s post is, “you get what you pay for.”

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