Android dari perspektif mantan pengguna iPhone

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Jacob Wilson yang merupakan seorang mantan pengguna iPhone 4 menceritakan pengalamannya menggunakan HTC ThunderBolt.

…I do like Google when it comes to some things – Google+, Gmail, Music Beta, Voice, and Calendar. I believe that every company has its strengths, as well as its weaknesses. Android is Google’s weak point. The issue here is, Android is an open source platform that any manufacturer can easily port it to their devices. This makes things incompatible, slow, and downright unusable in most instances.

While many people ramble on and on about how great open source material is, it’s definitely not very nice when it comes to Android. All open source has done for the users of Google’s OS is lead them to think that they have a better phone than Apple’s iPhone. Most switched or bought one because they wanted “something different” and they are stubborn in thinking that it’s better. This isn’t the least bit true because iOS is just far more developed, and Apple spends time developing new hardware introductions, such as 4G LTE.

In the end, Android users have no idea what a nice phone is since they’re used to such a sad piece of junk. And it’s not just the manufacturer’s fault either. It’s Google’s mostly.

Mau yang “something different” ? Think different 🙂