Fans berat openSUSE


Bruno Friedmann sudah jelas adalah fans berat Linux terutama distronya openSUSE. Kalau biasanya seorang fans hanya memakai kaos atau stiker dengan logo distro Linux, mister Bruno punya ide lain. Bruno Friedmann menambahkan stiker bergaris layaknya mobil balapan, logo openSUSE, tulisan nama domain ( yang semua itu didesain dengan menggunakan program open source seperti GIMP, Blender, dan Inkscape.

A few months ago, I’ve started to look for my next car. Then a crazy idea emerged, why not a Geeko’s car?

After finding a collada model compatible with Blender and pattern for printers coming from (Ford_231 for reference) I started imagine how I can transform it. Playing with demo pictures gimp, blender and inkscape, my project started to look as I wanted : green it will be!

Foto-foto dengan mobilnya:

Happy ambassador & proud member

Anybody should see where we are located on internet!

Free Future:

Free Future, my moto on connect.

foto lengkapnya di Geeko says: Hey dude, that’s my car!

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