Ubuntu phone

Ubuntu Phone
Menurut Mark Shuttleworth, mulai sejak versi 14.04 LTS Ubuntu akan kompatibel untuk perangkat tablet, smartphone, dan TV:

By 14.04 LTS Ubuntu will power tablets, phones, TVs and smart screens from the car to the office kitchen, and it will connect those devices cleanly and seamlessly to the desktop, the server and the cloud.
Unity, the desktop interface in today’s Ubuntu 11.10, was designed with this specific vision in mind. While the interface for each form factor is shaped appropriately, Unity’s core elements are arranged in exactly the way we need to create coherence across all of those devices. This was the origin of the name Unity – a single core interface framework, that scales across all screens, and supports all toolkits.

Gambar di atas adalah konsep dari tampilan desktop Unity untuk smartphone, dibuat oleh ~Musl1m (deviantART).

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