Kegunaan baterai cadangan Android

Android Battery

Adalah untuk memainkan game-game free (gratis).

The Verge:

A team of researchers from Purdue University and Microsoft has discovered that up to 75 percent of app-related battery drain in Android can be caused by ad-serving processes. Led by Abhinav Pathak, the team developed an energy profiler named EProf, which is able to perform fine-grained analysis of the battery use of any Android app, separating each thread inside and recording its energy use. The team tested five popular Android applications including Angry Birds, FreeChess, and the New York Times app using a HTC Passion (Nexus One) running Android 2.3.

Saya jadi ingat kata-kata seseorang di Twitter yang bunyinya kira-kira seperti ini:

Udah ah. Mau pulang. Ngecharge HP sudah selesai. Baterai cadangan juga sudah penuh. iPhone mana ada batere cadangannya?

Pasti sampai dirumah mau main games di HP ya pak?

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