Linus Torvalds dan OpenSUSE

Linus Torvalds akhirnya melampiaskan kekesalannya setelah mencoba OpenSUSE di MacBook Air miliknya. Masalah ada pada sisi keamanan dari OpenSUSE. Linus tidak bisa mengubah timezone, menambahkan jaringan wireless baru dan yang paling parah adalah anak Linus, Daniela, tidak bisa menggunakan printer sekolahnya tanpa password admin/root.

I gave OpenSUSE a try, because it worked so well at install-time on the Macbook Air, but I have to say, I’ve had enough. There is no way in hell I can honestly suggest that to anybody else any more.
I first spent weeks arguing on a bugzilla that the security policy of requiring the root password for changing the timezone and adding a new wireless network was moronic and wrong.
I think the wireless network thing finally did get fixed, but the timezone never did – it still asks for the admin password.
And today Daniela calls me from school, because she can’t add the school printer without the admin password.
Whoever moron thought that it’s “good security” to require the root password for everyday things like this is mentally diseased.
So here’s a plea: if you have anything to do with security in a distro, and think that my kids (replace “my kids” with “sales people on the road” if you think your main customers are businesses) need to have the root password to access some wireless network, or to be able to print out a paper, or to change the date-and-time settings, please just kill yourself now. The world will be a better place.
.. and now I need to find a new distro that actually works on the Macbook Air.

Linus Torvalds:

I wouldn’t blame SElinux. Daniela didn’t have these problems with Fedora 14 or whatever her previous machine had. That had SElinux on too, afaik.
It might be about Gnome, though. In the bugzilla, the wireless problems were blamed on network manager and gnome having changed things.

Nah, karena di atas Linus telah menyebut MacBook Air, akhirnya banyak orang yang mempertanyakan mengapa Linus memakai MacBook Air dan bukan laptop jenis lain, ada juga menyalahkan MacBook Air, dan itu sebagai penyebab utamanya. Padahal sudah jelas kalau masalah ada pada softwarenya, bukan pada hardware.
Linus Torvalds:

+HighCo Zweizweinulleins and others: why are you guys talking about the hardware? It has nothing to do with the hardware. The “security” policies are all software.
The hardware works fine. Sure, it’s a bit painful to install, but I can work with that, since sadly everybody else makes crappy laptops. It’s the crazy-ass security policies that get me down.

Kjell Thomas Pedersen:

I agree, but Macbook Air? Why, oh why…please get some real hardware for men…

Linus Torvalds:

+Kjell Thomas Pedersen: point me to a better laptop.
Trust me, I tried. They don’t exist. It’s sad. They are all big and clunky.

Sven Schwedas:

The hardware talk is probably because of the “now I need to find a new distro that actually works on the Macbook Air.”-line. 🙂
Besides, Lenovo still makes quite decent hardware. All the cool Xorg guys are using them.
(please kill me for that last sentence)

Linus Torvalds:

+Sven Schwedas: no, Lenovo doesn’t. I have the Lenovo X1. It’s bigger, plasticky, and has worse battery life.
It is easier to install on, though. No question about that.

Cukup menarik, “pelampiasan” Linus di Google+ ini dengan cepat mencapai batasnya, yaitu 500 komentar. Ternyata berdebat tentang Linux dengan orang yang melahirkah Linux butuh komentar sebanyak itu :D.