Hotfile’s Most Downloaded Files Are Open Source Software

Via TorrentFreak:

While the Professor does not assess what percentage of content on Hotfile is infringing, he does note that the two most downloaded files on the site are Open Source software. With 885,583 and 629,783 downloads respectively, the Open Source applications iREB and Sn0wbreeze were most shared, something Boyle believes the court should take into consideration


The two most downloaded Files may be Open Source but they are also Tools to Hack your iPhone. And that is often done to install Apps without paying. So i am not sure if that is really helping their case.

qwertyoruiop menanggapinya:

I am @qwertyoruiop, a now-retired iPhone developer that has been around for a few years, and I myself host iH8sn0w’s site (the developer of that open source software cited on this article). I was as well hosting downloads since Hotfile kicked him out of their service a lot of times due to piracy correlation btw. He was using 100+ TBs of data at the time. He has been maxing out my servers quite a lot of time. I host his iAcqua SHSH caching server which produces a fuck ton of data each day. I made a few apps that are well known on the iPhone scene. Yes, there’s a lot of piracy there. Yet, more than 100k people downloaded my software that was only available to hacked phones.
Why only on hacked phones? Simple. Apple doesn’t let me modify their own applications on the fly. Not even to add features. With hacked phones, I can pretty much do what the fuck I want.
I do have a few .99$ applications on the Cydia Store, I use the money I get from them to host iH8sn0w’s and my own stuff. I am as well happy to give licenses out if anyone wants to *try* my applications. I run ~5 servers. They all are hosting data for free, for the community. Top-notch hardware and bandwidth. I have to pay for my studies. I realize that the piracy rate is 1:70 (legit:cracked). I don’t care. Over 10.000 people bought my applications. And I spend the money I get towards the fucking community, to support the creativity. I am an indie developer. I’m a 15-year-old developer that wanted to make a difference.
I understand that people cannot pay for some stuff, want to try it out or just not want MAFIAA to get their money. I give licenses out for anyone that asks me for them. And people do buy my apps if they like them. I don’t complain about piracy. I’m pretty sure that nobody that buys a .99$ app on an alternative market that also has the cracked version of it also cracks AppStore applications. I know people that sold more than 450.000 copies of their software and most of those 450.000 do not use jailbreaks for k’d apps.
Jailbreaking is not piracy, nor illegal.

Tl;dr I am an iPhone indie developer that can confirm that jailbreaking != piracy,…

I too can confirm that jailbreaking != piracy