Physical media is dead — long live the app

Om Malik:

Over the weekend, Hunter Walk (a friend of mine who works for YouTube) tweeted about brands offering apps built on the Spotify platform. Spotify is likely to introduce these branded apps from the likes of Intel, AT&T, Reebok and McDonalds at an Ad Age event this week.

This tiny tweet is yet another reminder that physical media is dead. It is being replaced with “apps” thanks to broadband connectivity and anywhere computing that has come to us via smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

Today, these CDs are not quite as hip. Why? We listen to music via services like Spotify and Rdio and Pandora instead, and we download tracks we love from Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s store. We watch movies and television shows streamed to us from Netflix (or one of its international variants.) Books are now digital and are growing so fast they are even worthy of a department of justice investigation.

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