Stupid iPhone mockups

David Ashman:

If someone REALLY wanted to build a great iPhone/camera integration, forget using the lens or sensor in the phone. They are great portable devices and are ideal replacements for a point and shoot. Instead, build a proper body that has a great sensor and a dock built in so that the camera can use the phone for what it’s good for:

  • An amazing screen that can do wonders for live-view and shot reviews.
  • Excellent computing power for image adjustments in camera.
  • Constant connectivity for sharing shots, geo-locating, etc.
  • Top-notch touch screen responsiveness for high quality UIs for managing the camera.

Let the Nikons and Canons of the world build great camera bodies, sensors and lenses and let Apple build top notch portable devices and OSes.

“Now there is nobody to say ‘no’ to bad design.”