Designed by lawyers

Designed by lawyers

Android Police:

The Galaxy S III is… well… it’s ugly. There’s really no other way to put it. But why? Why is it ugly? I don’t mean aesthetically, why is it ugly, I mean, “How did something like this ever make it out of Samsung’s design studio?” I’ll tell you how, it was never in the design studio. This phone design was born down the hall, in a room where the door sign reads “Samsung Legal.”
It was designed by lawyers.

Man, that a bad-ass smartphone!

That is basically a list of things you aren’t allowed to do. Now, individually, those traits aren’t worthy of a lawsuit. It’s the combination of those things that will send Apple Legal over to kick down your door.

Kalau seandainya saja Samsung tidak memiliki mesin fotokopi super di studio desain mereka, maka sudah pasti Galaxy S3 akan jauh lebih bad-ass (keren) daripada yang ada sekarang ini.

Apple tidak melarang Samsung untuk membuat smartphone dengan tampilan yang keren. Apple cuma mengajarkan Samsung untuk mendesain sendiri smartphone mereka.