There’s a difference

David Chartier:

  • between an app that is bad, and one that does not fulfill your particular needs
  • between a developer who does not respond at all, one who is busy enough that they cannot respond within 10 minutes, and another who does not give you the response you want to hear
  • between an app that is designed and priced for your personal budget, and an app that is built and priced for professionals
  • between screaming about a complaint you have in your favorite-but-obscure corner of the web, and telling someone who has a much better chance of doing something about it​
  • between “it’s broken”, and ​”here’s what I did, what I expected to happen, and what actually happened”
  • between an update (free) and an upgrade (paid)
  • between an app that does not have a feature you are looking for right now, and that same app a few days, weeks, or months from now after you discuss your idea with its developer and convince him or her to implement it
  • between treating your fellow human beings as fellow human beings, and not