“No Adobe Flash”

Edward C. Baig dari USA TODAY mereview Nexus 7 beberapa hari yang lalu:

Pro. Thin and light at sweet price. Jelly Bean. Excellent screen. Fast, fluid. Includes $25 spending credit.
Con. No cellular connectivity. No rear camera. Fewer tablet-specific apps. Limited storage.

Sebelum itu, beberapa bulan yang lalu Ed Baig memberikan review iPad 3 seperti ini:

Pro. Stunning screen, 4G speeds (on certain models), decent dictation and improved camera optics. Strong battery. Apps galore.
Con. Shooting with camera can be awkward. No Adobe Flash. No camera flash. No expanded storage.

Pada review Nexus 7, Flash tidak disinggung sama sekali, sedangkan pada review iPad 3 jelas-jelas itu adalah kekurangan.

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