Alamat pada iklan “iLost” Google/Motorola ternyata dipalsukan

Setelah Nokia yang ketahuan memalsukan hasil foto pada iklan Lumia 920, kini giliran Google/Motorola yang terbukti memalsukan alamat kota New York pada tampilan aplikasi Google Maps di iklan Droid RAZR M, tujuannya tidak lain agar aplikasi peta pada iOS 6 tampak buruk, sekaligus memasarkan Droid RAZR M yang kurang laku.

Daniel Eran Dilger dari Apple Insider:

Google’s Motorola Mobility subsidiary went looking for an address that didn’t actually exist in an effort to artificially portray Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps as deficient.

The problem, as noted by reader AMD Pettitte, is that 315 E 15th Street is not an actual address in Manhattan. A public park sits on that side of the street, making none of the block’s odd numbers a valid address. The number will never be a valid address in Manhattan. This is indicated by looking closely at the picture, but none of the thousands of people sharing the false address lookup ad seemed to notice this.

Kotor, betul-betul kotor.

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