Alibaba merespon Google

John Spelich, VP Alibaba memberikan respon terhadap Google mengenai tindakan anti-kompetitif Google kepada Acer:

Aliyun OS is not part of the Android ecosystem so of course Aliyun OS is not and does not have to be compatible with
Android. It is ironic that a company that talks freely about openness is espousing a closed ecosystem.

This is like saying that because they own the Googleplex in Mountain View, therefore anyone who builds in Mountain View is part of the Googleplex.


Google, perusahaan “open” terbesar itu memperlihatkan wajah aslinya.

Ketika perusahaan Amerika seperti Amazon membuat versi forked dari Android dan membuat Kindle OS, Google bilang OK. Tapi ketika perusahaan China berusaha membuat versi forkednya, Google bilang tidak.

Brian Shall:

I’ve long told you that Google uses “open” merely as a marketing term. I’ve told you repeatedly that a primary goal for purchasing Motorola was to help Google invade China.