Built for Android first

Beberapa alasan mengapa developer lebih memilih merilis aplikasi di Android duluan:

Maluuba isn’t the only company that has told me that iOS is behind. Glympse‘s CEO, Bryan Trussel, told me his team develops its contextual mapping app on Android first, then moves it to iPhone.
Why is this?
A few reasons:

  1. Android lets developers have access to the dialer so that app developers can watch who calls you and who you call.
  2. Android lets developers look at the wifi and bluetooth radios on the phone so app developers can build better systems to track where you are, who you are near, and whether you are near things like your car.
  3. Android lets developers ship and test without waiting up to three weeks to have their apps approved.

Wajar, ketiganya tidak bisa didapatkan dari Apple/App Store.


2 Replies to “Built for Android first”

  1. [EN]
    In other words:1 & 2: Android gives them easier effort to watch (Spy?) us. 3: Testing of their apps’ reliability easily. By using us, the users, as the test subject.
    [Bahasa Indonesia]Dengan kata lain:1 & 2: Android memungkinkan developer memantau (‘memata-matai’?) keberadaan kita secara lebih mudah.3. Memungkinkan developer menguji reliabilitas aplikasi mereka secara mudah. Melalui para pengguna mereka sebagai subjek tes.


    1. 1 & 2: Ini efek buruk dari “open” yang setengah2.
      3. Ini yg memperburuk kualitas apps di GPlay. Dev bisa submit apps dan diterima dengan mudah tanpa melalui review yg cukup.

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