If Apple started building all their products, or at least the iPhone and iPad in the US, would we see less leaks?

Don Lehman:

It totally depends on who’s running the plant.

If it was Apple owned & operated, they would be able to lock everything down quite a bit more than is currently possible. For any outsourced manufacturing, US or foreign based, it’s a lot harder because it’s not your facility. Apple can issue rules and guidelines, but at the end of the day, they’re just a client.

Thinking through the US options:
On the one hand, Apple would have stronger contracts and US based legal powers to put the fear of God into anyone who would even think about leaking. On the other hand, information is always going to get out.

It’s impossible to completely shut down leaks, but if the manufacturing were based in the US, I think they would slow down to a trickle.

Apa jadinya ya kalau misalnya pabrik Foxconn yang akan beroperasi di Indonesia nanti juga akan merakit produk-produk Apple?