Maluuba, penantang baru Siri


Maluuba, seperti halnya penantang/kloningan Siri lainnya mencoba untuk bersaing dengan Siri. Walaupun Siri merupakan hasil dari riset bertahun-tahun yang tidak mudah ditiru, tim Maluuba tidak malu untuk membandingkan Maluuba dengan Siri, bahkan v nya mengatakan bahwa Maluuba jauh lebih baik dibanding Siri.

Dalam hal apa? Dan bagaimana jika dibandingkan dengan “Siri” nya Google? Ini jawaban Maluuba:

1) To be honest, Siri (at least, the iOS6 version) is currently the “gold standard” in this industry as far as consumer products are concerned. At the moment, most of our analysis indicates that we are on par with the latest Siri on all of the domains where we overlap.

The thing that makes our technology exciting isn’t that we’re much more accurate than Siri right now, it’s that we achieved Siri-parity in terms of natural language accuracy in only about 6-8 months of development — Siri has been working on this as a research project for about 5 years. If you extrapolate this rate of development into the future, it’s easy to see where we’ll be relative to Siri in a couple of years.

2) Google Now is much newer to this game, and it shows — they only support two or three categories, and they don’t even do it well. Our own internal tests indicate that we clobber them on accuracy, and with much wider breadth. Not to mention, it’s unlikely that Google Now will ever be backported beyond Android 4.1. Given the current breakdown of the install base, it’ll be a very long time before we’re even competing for the same users.