“This is not the iPhone 5”

Seorang pemuda berusia 22 tahun asal Setagaya, Tokyo ditahan polisi setelah dituduh memukuli ayahnya sendiri (49 thn) dengan benda tumpul.

Dikutip dari The Verge:

The testimony filed by the Setagaya officials read, “The son, after asking dad for an iPhone 5, got uneasy when he heard that dad came back from making a purchase at the Docomo shop and flew into blinding rage when he discovered it was indeed a Samsung Galaxy SIII as he had feared, and ended up beating his dad. The dad was later found in a pool of his own blood holding the blood-stained azuki bar in his hands, without recollection of what happened during the assault.”

The injured father said, “After leaving home at 1 p.m and finding that the SoftBank store already had a huge line in front of it, I headed for the Docomo store. When I asked the sales-rep for an iPhone, I was handed this device.”

Dasar anak yang kurang ajar dan tidak tahu berterima kasih, ayahnya sudah capek-capek mengantri eh pulangnya malah dipukuli. Padahal GSIII itu smartphone yang lebih unggul dibanding iPhone 5, dari segi spec.

[Kyoko Np]