Two Months with Android

Alex Arena, seorang blogger yang ingin mencoba smartphone Android akhirnya memutuskan untuk membeli Sony Xperia Pro, dan akhirnya…

So far the experience has been terrible; I’ll be in line, come September.

On the rare occasion that I can use an app without it freezing up or crashing, it’s only to be greeted by an experience and UI that’s subpar. I swear: there’s not a single good Twitter client on this god-forsaken platform.

I could excuse the shitty experience by reasoning that it’s only because the phone has older hardware, but let’s be honest; it’s specs are on par with the iPhone 4 with an experience that isn’t even in the same league, to put it lightly.

I’m no developer, but what does it say about the design of your mobile OS, if it requires a quad-core device to even compete with the fluidity of a single-core iPhone?

On paper.

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