An open letter to Asus India

Ashutosh Vatsa:

I know that Google is not interested in earning profit on hardware sales and Asus’ business revolves around hardware sales margin, but such ridiculous high prices are absolutely unacceptable. India charges a lot of taxes on electronic products but even then a 25-30% premium on the price at which Google is retailing the device would have been a competitive and good enough price. Asus should not forget than it is not ‘Apple’ and its tablets doesn’t start with a name with the first letter, ‘i’.

It is not only about Nexus 7, Asus India is a really poorly managed division of Asustek Computers. The pricing is poor, products are announced but unavailable at stores, nobody knows about launch timeframes, most of the product hit Indian market when they are already a generation old (I am talking about you, Padfone. Padfone 2 has already arrived).

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