When Linux journal promoting Apple products

Ketika Mark O’Connor dari Linux Journal memuat berita yang berjudul Swap Your Laptop for an iPad + Linode (artikel lama, diterbitkan Maret 2012) yang jelas-jelas mempromosikan iPad, produk Apple, banyak yang tidak setuju dan para zealots turun Gunung untuk mengomentari artikel tersebut.

Satu komentar yang cukup bagus menurut saya:

Find it humorous that there are folks that are griping/crying about how an article that mentioned the dreaded word “Apple” appeared in a Linux magazine. Really? Sorry folks, fresh out of Kleenex here. Linux isn’t just about open source. It’s about creativity…the ability to use whatever parts and components you have and gluing them together in interesting and unique ways USING Linux.

I’ve been working Linux for years, but yes I own some Apple products. Why? Because sometimes the “it just works” is more productive to me to get what I need accomplished rather then sitting down and wondering if the driver will work, of if I will have to recompile with 500 flag options. And for those that will try to flame “all drivers just work on Linux”, they are kidding themselves. If they do then why is it that firmware cutters and ndiswrappers still have to be used for wireless cards?

I congratulate the author for using his ingenuity to take what he has and come up with a method that works. That’s what Linux gives us, the freedom to use what we have to accomplish what we want without a corporation dictating a specific method. I agree that the author could have mentioned you could do the same thing on Android tablets, but then again, if you are reading this magazine and article you should be smart enough to know you could do that anyway.


Hate Apple.

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