Developer: Hackulous shuts down? Good.

Mengenai berita tentang Hackulous ditutup, Tim DeBenedictis, founder dari Southern Stars Group, LLC berkomentar:

This is an incredibly good thing for iOS. We’re a small software developer and we experience piracy rates of 9:1 for our apps on Android – much less so on iOS. The total value of our paid applications stolen by pirates on Android last year was over USD $1M. I’ve heard all the arguments about “piracy is impossible to stop”, “pirates wouldn’t pay anyways”, “it’s good free advertising.” Whatever. The Android ecosystem’s utter lack of security, culture of piracy, and Google’s failure to do anything serious about the problem is simply encouraging people to steal our hard work for free. It’s not like we’re ripping people off, with a $3 app. I commend Apple, the FBI, and whomever else may be behind the shuttering of this illegal warez site. It is very much a positive trend for the iOS platform. Pirates: go find a legitimate job. Use your skills to produce something useful for the world, rather than stealing our work and food out of our mouths. Best wishes and happy new year.

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