On the state of Windows on the desktop

Sebuah parody (lebih tepatnya balasan) dari artikel yang dibuat oleh pengguna Windows yang berjudul “On the State of Linux on the Desktop“.

I didn’t want to commit and install a new operating system right off the bat. I just wanted to try it first. So I typed “Windows Live” in my browser’s search box to find a live version, preferably an USB image. Ok, so Windows Live wasn’t a live version of windows but some kind of service you must sign into. I guess it’s something like Ubuntu One. Not sure. Moreover, it turned out I’d have to actually buy it first before I could do anything with it. And there is not real live version of Windows 7.

Haha… Di Windows hanya ada “Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try” 😉

It quickly become apparent that Windows has no package management to speak of. I had to actually go directly to software vendors’ websites and manually download, unpack, and install software.

So I was going to reboot, but then Windows decided it needed to install some “important updates”, and kept me starting at the shutdown screen for well over 10 minutes. Then it finally decided to was high time to reboot. But then… woah! Boot loader was gone. I couldn’t boot into Linux. What kind of bastard OS kills the existing bootloader? Totally insane!


Friend plugged his USB stick in, and… you are guessing. Yes! Windows had to install yet another set of drivers for the new stick. What on earth is wrong with that OS…

Plug… and pray.

And… finally

Someone has to rewrite all this crap. No LiveCD? No codecs? No software? No package manager?!?!?! Hello, this is like 2013, not 1993. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had to compile something from source. I have no idea where I would find a compiler…

I’m glad at least I didn’t pay for any of this shit. Or else I would have to convince myself that Windows was somehow superior to Linux so that I don’t feel bad about the money.

I’m back on Linux because it works. Period.

Pengguna Windows yang baru coba Linux bilang susah, komplain kiri-kanan? Wajar. Karena saat mereka menggunakan Linux yang ada di pikiran mereka (umumnya) itu adalah bagaimana Linux itu bertingkah seperti Windows, mereka maunya apa yang tersedia untuk Windows juga bisa digunakan untuk Linux. Setelah satu-dua fitur yang biasa mereka gunakan di Windows tidak mereka temukan di Linux, maka kesimpulannya cuma satu; Windows bagus, Linux jelek.

Sekarang kita balik. Bagaimana kalau pengguna Linux mencoba Windows?

LiveCD? Mount ISO? Package Manager? Terminal emulator? Dukungan file system selain NTFS?


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