Saurik the “godfather”

Apa keuntungan Saurik menjadi moderator di /r/jailbreak? Yup, bisa meng-AMA Saurik setiap hari 😀

I pronounce saurik like “sore ick”, because sores are icky, and so am I. I pronounce Cydia as “sih-DEE-ah”; it is Latin (the genus of the common apple worm), and has penultimate stress.


I don’t remember if they slightly paraphrased the stuff I had said in this interview, but it is accurate none-the-less (it just sounds slightly like not-me saying it); also, to be clear, the context from the previous question was about “saurik”, not “Cydia” (he may also have changed the questions before publishing).
I read online somewhere that the meaning of the name has something to do with bringing fruit to perfection? A fun jab at Apple perhaps?

Not at all actually! I came up with the name when I was in seventh grade. I played a lot of games on bulletin boards. I was on one that had 10 people on it and I used the name “Spock.” When you’re on a bulletin board with 10 geeks, you have a chance of using the name Spock, but then I connected to bulletin board with 100 geeks… a hundred geeks will have at least one Spock already. So I needed a new name. I wanted something that would work in a space-faring game and something that would work in a medieval-based game but I also had the presence of mind to pick a name that I would not be embarrassed about when I was much older.


Again, however, you are correct: people who talk about me starting jailbreaking are entirely wrong. At best I can be called a “godfather” in the familial sense: I often am the person who inherits things (the toolchain, hosting websites, code like uicache that people dump on me, temporarily things like MobileFinder and MobileTerminal) that others no longer want to maintain, which I then adopt as my own children. At this point there are tons of things that I “own”, but in some way aren’t really “mine”; one could even argue WinterBoard is like that: the when the guy who developed SummerBoard left I had to rewrite it from scratch so people could still apply themes.


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