Falcon Pro


On Saturday night, Falcon Pro seemingly hit its 100,000 user token limit. New users are unable to use Falcon Pro to connect to their Twitter account, and existing users now have to jump through some extra hoops to authenticate the application. This means that a popular Android Twitter client has only taken 2.5 months to reach the limit.

Interestingly, the Play Store page for Falcon Pro says that the application has between 10,000 and 50,000 installs, which puts it quite short of the 100,000 user limit, if we’re to assume that one install = one user (Falcon Pro is yet to gain features to deal with multiple accounts). In actual fact, users can purchase Falcon Pro once and install it on any device registered to their Google account, and could be using it for different accounts on different devices, causing one purchase to use multiple user tokens.

Even so, this doesn’t seem to account for the rather large gulf between 50,000 and 100,000. While it’s likely that a portion of those tokens went to multi-device users, it seems likely that the rest fell to piracy.

Batas maksimal token yang 100.000 sudah terpenuhi, tetapi install masih 40.000+. Ada apa dengan Falcon Pro?