G-Gradiente iPhone

Mengenai Gradiente, perusahaan pemilik merek dagang “Iphone” dari Brazil:

Brazilian here, just to clarify about the “G-Gradiente Iphone”. Gradiente , the company registered the iPhone name in the year of 2000, but never used it. After it, the iPhone was launched and stuff, and them , after the Success of the iPhone Gradiente decided to make its own iPhone. Problem was, there is no G-Gradiente Iphone, they just announced it and this phone simply does not exist in any store here in Brazil, so apple is now trying a last resort on that implying that they announced the phone but it still doesn’t exists.

Caio Carvalho via iDownloadBlog

Betul-betul beruntung. Mereka (Gradiente) mungkin tidak pernah menyangka kalau telah menggunakan merek yang akan digunakan Apple 7 tahun kemudian.

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