Good day guys!

I am having problem with my clipboard. Every time I Used copy, past and cut the app force to close. This happens on everything when using the clipboard

  1. I tried restarting the phone but the problem still occurs. I also removed the battery but having the same issue.
  2. My phone is not rooted.

Phone details:
Unit: Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300
Version: 4.0.4
Baseband: I9300DXLEA

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you,

Carl Lindo

Parahnya, bug ini hanya bisa hilang setelah di reset:

And the application that the user is using crashes. The only fix for this is to perform a factory reset or to clear the contents of /data/clipboard as a rooted user. Since this directory does not exist in stock Android, the fault is clearly with the Samsung software.

veeti.paananen@ via Samsung Developers

Saya heran, seharusnya fitur “Copy” ini bekerja dengan sangat baik untuk semua smartphone Android Samsung, tapi justru crash. Padahal ini Samsung Galaxy SIII, si iPhone killer.

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