Xerox GUI

For more than a decade now, I’ve listened to the debate about where the Macintosh user interface came from. Most people assume it came directly from Xerox, after Steve Jobs went to visit Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). This “fact” is reported over and over, by people who don’t know better (and also by people who should!). Unfortunately, it just isn’t true – there are some similarities between the Apple interface and the various interfaces on Xerox systems, but the differences are substantial.

Steve did see Smalltalk when he visited PARC. He saw the Smalltalk integrated programming environment, with the mouse selecting text, pop-up menus, windows, and so on. The Lisa group at Apple built a system based on their own ideas combined with what they could remember from the Smalltalk demo, and the Mac folks built yet another system. There is a significant difference between using the Mac and Smalltalk.

Bruce Horn via MacKiDo

Orang-orang seringkali menggunakan kutipan “Good artists copy. Great artists steal” dari Steve Jobs sebagai bukti bahwa Apple tanpa malu-malu mencuri ide dari pesaing mereka. Tapi saya pikir artikel ini dengan sangat baik menceritakan sejarah awal pengembangan interface Macintosh..