Wawancara The Verge dengan Peter Belanger

Sebuah wawancara yang menarik dengan Peter Belanger, salah satu fotografer yang sudah banyak menghasilkan foto-foto produk-produk Apple. Selain Apple, kliennya adalah Adidas, Adobe, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Macworld Magazine, Nike, Pixar dan Sony.

Video di atas memperlihatkan proses pengambilan foto dan pengeditannya untuk dijadikan sampul majalah Macworld.

I try to do as much in camera as possible. Even shots that are achieved in camera need some post production. This is because no matter how well a product is made, when you magnify it at 100 percent, you see more than the human eye can see.

Bukan hasil render!

What or who is your dream subject?

Products that aren’t out yet and haven’t been defined by millions of photos. I love figuring out how to photograph something rather than being shown what someone wants.

Hmm… mungkin proyek iPhone 5S dari Apple? 😀