iOS 7 parallax and Apple’s business strategy

Eric Wing, seorang developer game Mac/iOS:

  • If UIKit Dynamics is unpopular, developers won’t use it and it will be like it never existed because it doesn’t seem to be intrusive into the existing UIKit API (otherwise no existing apps could still work)
  • If UIKit Dynamics succeeds, users are delighted and Apple makes more money
    • Then Android developers (and maybe Windows 8 mobile developers if there are any) will be under pressure to add similar user experiences to their apps
      • Apple’s competitors still have way too much crap to fix in their own SDKs and are playing catch up all the time, so they won’t have a response (official API) for a long time
      • Meanwhile, app developers will do it themselves
        • By every app developer doing it themselves, they will create behaviors that feel very different between every different app, hence increasing the feeling of inconsistency and fragmentation across the eco-system which lowers the overall user-experience for end users as a whole
  • This will also making failthful porting from iOS to other platforms more difficult

Marco Sero, seorang developer:

I think I’m going to dive into UIKit Dynamics and new view controllers and collection views transitions as I think this year the challenge will be about thoughtful animations.

And then Apple will makes more money.