Apple mengakuisisi Locationary

Grant Ritchie, CEO sekaligus pendiri dari Locationary menulis “5 Big Map App Issues Apple Must Solve” di TechCrunch (September 2012):

Data integration is a complicated but crucial process for local search, mapping, and directory apps. It’s also something that most people don’t think about or notice until it goes wrong. It’s clear that data integration is already difficult with only basic details like name, address, telephone, and location.

This is why the industry will need proper platforms and tools to address these challenges and to progress into the real-time world that we all anticipate: where products, inventory, menus, deals, events, and job postings are synchronized across every mobile device and users can instantly transact regardless of app or device.

Dan hampir setahun kemudian, inilah Apple di bawah Tim Cook –Apple mengakuisisi Locationary:

But because this is Apple we are talking about, it also is a sign of how it is also pressing on and turning what started as a fiasco into an opportunity to do more. Locationary, and its Saturn data platform, can be used to collate and cross-reference data for business profiles. Yes, perhaps the most obvious place where this could benefit Apple is in providing its own, proprietary data for its own Maps app.