If I had to leave the Mac? I’d switch to elementary OS

elementary OS (‘e’ kecil) apalagi sejak versi Luna memang sudah mencuri banyak perhatian, terutama dengan tampilannya yang berbeda dengan distro Linux pada umumnya, dan cenderung lebih mirip/dimiripkan OS X. Dan hari ini, John Moltz, blogger yang juga pengguna Mac menulis artikel di Macworld untuk memberikan tanggapannya terhadap elementary OS Luna :

So while some of Elementary OS is inspired by the Mac, much of it also seems inspired by today’s mobile operating systems. That’s a smart way to go, as mobile devices are, if you haven’t heard, quite popular these days. And if Elementary seems less feature-rich in its GUI, remember, this is still Linux, so pretty much everything is configurable one way or another.

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