iOS 64-bit dan jailbreak

Bilang ke teman-teman Anda, iPhone terbaru sudah didukung prosesor 64-bit dan dengan iOS yang juga dioptimalkan untuk 64-bit, mereka akan cuek. Kemudian tambahkan, kalau dengan mendukung iOS 64-bit iDevice tidak bisa lagi dijailbreak maka pasti ceritanya lain lagi.

Ini pendapat @planetbeing mengenai iPhone 5s dengan A7:

My opinion is that it will make little or no difference in terms of security, vulnerabilities and exploitation. All the difficult parts about jailbreaking will remain as difficult but not more so than before. In terms of actually packaging a jailbreak for mass consumption, it’ll be a PITA to support an entirely different instruction set, but that’s just a question of engineering. Granted, we haven’t seen the actual hardware and code yet, so who knows.

Sedangkan @winocm sendiri berkomentar seperti ini:

Since the iPhone 5S is 64-bit, you shouldn’t really care. Old binaries will still run just fine, look at ‘bsd/dev/arm/kern_machdep.c’ in the xnu kernel for example. That function (grade_binary) will check the Mach-O file to see if it’s compatible with the system or not.
It’s why binaries compiled for ‘armv4t’ will still work on ‘armv7s’ platforms or ‘i386’ binaries on ‘x86_64’
New exploits? Only the kernel shellcode would need to be rewritten to take advantage of 64-bit addressing, though, we don’t even know how the kernel is mapped right now, it could be at 0xffffff8000000000, we don’t know.
Memory corruption vulnerabilities would need to be a bit more advanced, but it won’t be too bad really.

Bagaimana, sudah agak tenang mengetahui bahwa masa depan jailbreak iOS 7 masih cerah?

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