iPhone 5c adalah iPhone 5 versi Jony Ive

Jadi, sudah bolehkah untuk kita bersama-sama sepakat bahwa iPhone 5c bukanlah iPhone versi “murah”?

MG Siegler dari TechCrunch:

When iOS 7 was first unveiled this summer at WWDC, many were shocked at the colorful new palette. But longtime Apple observers will recall that this is actually nothing new for Apple and Ive. The original iMac, the product which rebooted Apple, came in thirteen very colorful variations. In fact, that was a key selling point.

While Ive spent the subsequent years at Apple shifting from polishing white plastics to bending aluminum (or, a-lew-min-e-num, in his parlance), it seems that he’s returning to his roots, so to speak. It’s not unlike an artist going through different periods in their work.

And this is a good time for Ive to return to his colorful period, because again, now he has control of the software side of the equation as well.

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