“Thanks, Apple, for making such an excellent product that I feel no need to spend money for any upgrade whatsoever!”

Shawn Blanc:

When I’m able, and when it makes sense, I prefer to spend more on an item and get something high quality. The tools and toys I use the most should be as close to perfect as possible. I want something built with care and quality, that is enjoyable to use, and will last me a long time.

Apple, its products, its surrounding ecosystem all sit in this market.

One of the reasons I spend my money on Apple products is because they’re innovative, cool, capable, and delightful. But also, they hold their value and their usefulness for a very long time.

Benar, built to last adalah kuncinya. Di mana-mana, saingan terberat iPad Air/mini Retina tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah iPad 2 sendiri: