Flat vs flat

Dari sisi tampilan Home screen, iOS 7 dan Windows Phone (WP8) jelas tampak berbeda. Home screen WP8 benar-benar mengusung gaya desain flat, dan lebih hidup dengan adanya live tiles. Sementara iOS 7, masih sama dengan gaya sebelumnya, Home screen penuh dengan deretan ikon-ikon statis. Hanya saja warnanya lebih ceria, minus shadow dan detail pada ikon.

Namun, begitu aplikasi antara kedua platform ini diperbandingkan, khususnya aplikasi-aplikasi populer, maka akan tampak kemiripan dari desain flatnya. Wow, bahkan beberapa di antaranya seperti bisa dipertukarkan saja.

Lebih pilih mana, desain aplikasi iOS 7 atau WP8?

Ubuntu Search – An Actual Look

Thanks David (pengguna KDE). Semoga orang-orang membaca dan dapat mengerti ini.

Adding Amazon searches by default

In all the search lenses, Amazon is added by default, this gives Canonical money which is fed back into Ubuntu. This is akin to how Mozilla Firefox set the default search provider to Google.

Mozilla earn over $96 million per year for this. KDE Has similar partnerships with enabling DuckDuckGo searches to be manually activated from krunner for a lot lot less.

It’s not unheard of in open source communities to make money this way, and whilst I don’t think as a user I would like these ads I can’t really hold it against them.

So why is it called spyware by some people?

There is a traditional gap between web and local applications, people ignorant of what the dash search does, mistakenly take this for a simple file search. For a file search to use the web would clearly be wrong. The majority of the complaints and criticisms I have read do not come from Ubuntu users who have seen the Ubuntu bar. To any user of the Ubuntu search bar, it should be obvious that it includes internet results due to the high visibility of the internet results within moments of usage.

The origin of the Shell

Permulaan dari Shell, dikutip dari Multicians:

Then in 64 came the Multics design time, in which I was not much involved, because I had made it clear I wanted to return to France in mid 65. However, this idea of using commands somehow like a programming language was still in the back of my mind. Christopher Strachey, a British scientist, had visited MIT about that time, and his macro-generator design appeared to me a very solid base for a command language, in particular the techniques for quoting and passing arguments. Without being invited on the subject, I wrote a paper explaining how the Multics command language could be designed with this objective. And I coined the word “shell” to name it. It must have been at the end of 64 or beginning of 65.

“Apple is a master of marketing”

Pernah dengar lelucon ini?
“Bagaimana Anda tahu kalau seseorang merupakan pemilik iPhone”
“Dia tidak akan berhenti berbicara tentang iPhone”

“Bagaimana Anda tahu kalau seseorang merupakan pemilik/pengguna ponsel Android?”
“Dia tidak akan berhenti berbicara tentang iPhone”


Suasana peluncuran iPhone 5s di Delhi, India.
Suasana peluncuran iPhone 5s di Delhi, India. Via BGR.

BGR India:

The sheer number of people waiting to buy the new iPhones also caused the credit card machines to overheat and stop functioning in an hour and half. People were urged to go and get cash from the ATMs situated in the mall, and very soon those ATM machines too ran out of cash.