Why Apple might be focusing more on suing Samsung than Google

Dari sebuah artikel yang berjudul “What are the five iOS features Apple is claiming that Samsung (or Google) stole?” dari 9to5Mac saya menemukan sebuah komentar bagus mengenai perang paten antara Apple-Samsung dan Google, terutama mengapa Apple lebih fokus ke Samsung daripada Google itu sendiri.

Komentar ini sebenarnya juga menjawab pertanyaan saya sendiri, “kenapa sih Apple tidak langsung menuntut Google, kenapa harus ke Samsung dulu?”

Dari liquidwolverine1:

If Apple wins these cases against Samsung, smaller entity, it is clear proof and evidence against Android. Google has a lot of money, but they cannot win against something that was already proven.

Kalau Apple menang melawan Samsung, hal ini akan menjadi bukti yang lebih kuat untuk bisa melawan Android. Google mungkin punya banyak uang, tapi mereka tidak akan menang melawan sesuatu yang sudah terbukti.

Dari Dylan Bystedt:

If Apple had gone after Google as soon as Android was released they couldn’t argue that they had suffered damages. By waiting to see if Android was successful they could then argue that these features cost Apple money by unfairly stealing business. If they had gone after Android right away and won, they would have given Google the opportunity to correct these problems and re-launch. While going after them now, Google and/or the individual manufacturers may have to pay a licensing fee on each new device, in order to use these features. Additionally, they may have to pay every time a user downloads an update. The other option is to remove these features, or re-design them in a way that doesn’t infringe on Apple’s patent. If they choose to remove features this will upset Android users, and could result in decreased market share for Android. It was the better move to wait.

Intinya, Apple tidak akan langsung mengajukan gugatan terhadap Google karena Apple belum bisa membuktikan bahwa mereka telah mengalami kerugian dari Android copycat. Tetapi dengan menunggu Android sukses, Apple sudah bisa berargumen bahwa fitur mereka yang dicuri itu telah menyebabkan kerugian.

Ahh… dan ini dari Tallest Skil, komentar yang paling saya suka; Go for the head and the arms will grab you. Apple’s cutting off the legs and arms before severing the head with a righteous monologue.

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