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“When Google Decides To Delete Your App — Android Developers Beware” dari

Anyway, if you’re an Android developer (or user), consider this a warning. Google deletes apps from the Google Play Store, without good reason, and without a chance for any real appeal. Unless you collect user information (we don’t), you won’t even be able to tell your users that you (and they) have been screwed over. I suppose now that Android is a lot more popular than it was when we started developing Vibe Vault, it is no longer a priority for Google to treat the Android community with a modicum of care or respect.

“The hidden danger when developing for Android” oleh Steve Gehrman (Medium):

Why are you now writing Android apps?
I was a die hard Apple fan since 1985 and was an Apple developer all through the darkest days of the Apple death spiral. I continued to be an Apple fan until they announced the “walled garden” and the app review process for iOS. I am totally against having to get permission from a corporation to write and sell apps, and I certainly don’t think I should be forced to sell my work through their store and their store only.

Why did I think Android was better?
Because I had listened to the leaders at Google say that the open web, open source and freedom are important values at Google, and I fully agree with that ideal. I also appreciate being able to view the Android source code. It makes development so much more pleasant.

Tried to become a professional Android developer. Didn’t realize posting some apps for beta testing would result in being banned for life by Google before even having a chance to get started. I assumed a human would be involved in any banning process and they would clearly see that I was not intending to fool anyone and that my apps were harmless. Consider this before investing time and money into developing for Android. If one of their algorithms thinks you’re a bad guy, you’re banned for life.

“Google issues patch for Android icon permissions attack” dari Computerworld:

FireEye recently spotted an malicious Android application that could modify the icons of other applications so that when they’re launched, they send victims to a phishing website.

Begitu Google selesai memperbaiki segala masalah keamanan/permission di Android dan urusan-urusan lainnya yang belum selesai di Play Store, maka Google akan menjadi apa yang orang-orang sebut sebagai Apple/App Store walled garden.

Michael Jackson

Siapkan pop corn kalian dan duduk manis untuk menonton, sebentar lagi akan ada yang menikmati open platform yang dikontrol.