Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry, salah satu orang hebat Samsung (bosnya proyek Gear) saat ditanya mengapa memilih (bekerja di) Samsung, bukan Google atau Apple (Via Reddit):

Google, Apple, Microsoft are all great companies. But, there are several aspects of Samsung that attracted me the most.

DOMAIN – Samsung product portfolio goes beyond smartphones, tablets and TVs. Samsung makes home appliances, such as washing machines, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and more. Samsung is one of the largest ship manufactures in the world. It is one of the most advanced construction company. The products and the components Samsung makes goes in almost every industry from automobile to agriculture industry. I really like this breadth of impact that my work can make by working in such multidisciplinary company.

GLOBAL REACH – Samsung is a global corp. Of course Google and Apple also are, but Samsung’s reach and impact at every level of society is incomparable. Form high-end infrastructure to feature phones in developing nations. There is more reach to every sector and every class of society.

HARDWARE – Personally, I am a big fan of hardware. I love making things, making objects that does magic. Samsung is leader in engineering R&D. Material Science, new components, new processes of manufacturing, u name it. Samsung also supplies these basic ingredient technologies to companies such as Google and Apple. Very few know that the powerful processor in their iPhones or many other components are in fact invented and made by Samsung. My love in hardware research, robotics, future of key ingredient technologies is what I enjoy working on at Samsung.

Sangat masuk akal mengapa Pranav Mistry memilih Samsung. Samsung bukan hanya membuat smartphone, tapi juga dumbphone, mesin cuci, kulkas, oven, sampai penyedot debu. Dan yang paling utama, Samsung adalah perusahaan pembuat hardware yang juga memasok komponen untuk Google dan Apple. Pasti bagi Pranav Mistry adalah surga. Samsung bisa menyediakannya semua hal yang tidak dimiliki Google atau Apple.

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