Aplikasi Bitcoin kembali ke App Store

Kabarnya aplikasi (wallet) Bitcoin mulai masuk ke App Store setelah Apple melonggarkan sedikit kebijakannya.

Dikutip dari The Verge:

The app arrived shortly after Apple added a new rule to its store guidelines that allows virtual-currency apps on one reasonable condition: that they comply with state and federal laws in all areas that they operate.

Mungkin strategi Apple seperti ini:

  1. Melarang aplikasi Bitcoin di App Store.
  2. Orang-orang marah, dan menghancurkan iPhone milik mereka.
  3. Ubah sedikit kebijakan, ijinkan aplikasi Bitcoin.
  4. Orang-orang akan membeli iPhone baru.

Apapun itu, buat Apple…


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