Ongkos update Cydia

Cydia di iOS 6 dan iOS 7.
Cydia dengan interface iOS 6 (kiri) dan iOS 7 (kanan).

Saya baru tahu, kalau ternyata ongkos atau biaya untuk (sekali) merilis update Cydia itu sampai $3000.

Menurut Saurik, biaya sebesar ini digunakan untuk pajak, biaya server, gaji karyawannya di SaurikIT, dan ongkos lainnya.

(emphasis mine)

(BTW, in case people are curious, as I hate leaving these random little comments without some kind of interesting story to go along: in addition to the “determine the correct fix”, “determine where to put the correct fix”, and “make certain the correct fix doesn’t break when presented with devices that have already been fixed, whether via some other third-party package or by hand”, I run into some unique problems because I’ve determined the “correct package” to fix this issue is Cydia. The first is somewhat boring: 50m users downloading a new build of Cydia costs me almost $3k. The second problem, however, is more interesting: I am unable to release new versions of Cydia without it becoming “news”, at which point people become incredibly angry that I didn’t do whatever else they wanted to see done in the new version of Cydia.

Jadi, kalau Anda selama ini menikmati jailbreak, jangan lupa berterima kasih ke @Saurik juga ya, karena selain hacker yang merilis jailbreak, peran Saurik juga sangat besar bagi komunitas jailbreak.

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