Hemat hingga 1 juta Euro dengan LibreOffice

Hebat. Sejak berpindah ke LibreOffice sejak tahun 2012, kota Toulouse, Perancis, mampu berhemat hingga 1 juta Euro (dikutip dari Joinup)

LibreOffice on the desktop: 1 million euro savings

The key project in Toulouse’s open source policy is the shift to LibreOffice. This covers several thousand people out of the 10,000 who work for the city and Toulouse Métropole. The migration – which Monthubert describes as a “major project” – was agreed in 2011 and started in 2012. It took a year and a half, and 90 per cent of the desktops now run LibreOffice, says Monthubert.

“Software licenses for productivity suites cost Toulouse 1.8 million euro every three years. Migration cost us about 800,000 euro, due partly to some developments. One million euro has actually been saved in the first three years. It is a compelling proof in the actual context of local public finance,” says Monthubert.

Lagi-lagi di Eropa. Setiap kali ada (berita) perusahaan atau organisasi yang berhasil berhemat dengan berpindah ke Linux/FOSS, pasti adanya di Eropa. Di sini, kita hanya bisa menunggu. Meskipun saya ragu kalau itu akan terjadi.

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