Pemerintah Inggris resmi menggunakan ODF/PDF sebagai format standar

Open document formats selected to meet user needs

Dikutip langsung dari situs web GOV.UK:

The open standards selected for sharing and viewing government documents have been announced by the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude.

The standards set out the document file formats that are expected to be used across all government bodies. Government will begin using open formats that will ensure that citizens and people working in government can use the applications that best meet their needs when they are viewing or working on documents together.

Jadi, format yang terpilih ada dua, yaitu :

  1. PDF/HTML untuk dokumen yang dipublikasi,
  2. ODF untuk dokumen berbagi atau kolaborasi.

Ini pernyataan dari Francis Maude (Menteri Kabinet Inggris):

Our long-term plan for a stronger economy is all about helping UK businesses grow. We have listened to those who told us that open standards will reduce their costs and make it easier to work with government. This is a major step forward for our digital-by-default agenda which is helping save citizens, businesses and taxpayers £1.2 billion over this Parliament.

Well done. Berita yang sangat bagus, bukan? Kira-kira kapan ini diterapkan di Indonesia?