“You all know Linus, at least by reputation”

Linus memang sejak dulu sudah genius, tapi suka ngerjain orang…

Once, when Linus was abroad at some conference or another, he modified my shell setup scripts so that when I logged in, it looked as if I was using MS-DOS.

Dan kemudian…

so once when Linus went out to get something to drink or something, I created an alias for startx for him. My alias first ran the real startx, and then printed out a kernel Oops’ message. The first time Linus noticed this made him a bit worried, but he logged out and cleared the screen too fast to read it, but the second time made him really worried. I’d copied the Oops’ message from linux-kernel, and of course it didn’t suit Linus’s kernel at all. He had gotten as far as decoding the message by hand, and muttering something like “Why is it crashing there? It can’t crash there!”, when I burst out laughing and told him what I’d done. Linus was quite relieved and never tried any practical jokes on me again.

Hahaha. Linus si dewa kernel dikerjai balik 😀