“Open letter to the Linux World”

Christopher Barry:

The various differences that made up different ‘flavors’ of Linux needed to be corralled and brought into compliance for the war to proceed efficiently. Um, what war?

For me, Linux had already won that war way back in 1994 when I started using it. It did it without firing a shot or attempting to be just like the other OSes. It won it it by not giving a flying fuck about market share. It won it by being exactly NOT them. It won it by being simple and understandable and configurable to be exactly how *I* wanted it to be. It won it by being a collection of simple modular components that could be plugged together at will to do real work. It won it by adhering to a deeply considered philosophy of the user being in the drivers seat, and being free to run the things she wanted to, without layers and layers of frameworks wrapping their tendrils into all manor of stuff they should not be touching. It won it without the various ‘CrapKit’ shit that’s begun to insinuate itself into the heart of my system of late. It won it without being overly complex and unknowable. That kind of opacity was was the core of Windows and Mac, and that’s exactly what I despise about them, and exactly why I chose to use Linux in the first goddamn place. systemd is embracing *all* that I hate about Windows and Mac, and doing so in the name of ‘modernity’ and ‘simplifying’ a developer’s job.

Sisa emailnya nya bisa dibaca lengkap di LKML, isinya sebagian besar mengkritik systemd yang kontroversial dan politik di dunia Linux.