Sudah waktunya RAM 2 GB

Rumornya, iPhone 6 masih akan menggunakan 1 GB RAM? What is this, 2011? Saya yakin itu tidak benar. iPhone 6 akan jadi iDevice pertama yang menggunakan 2GB RAM, jika Apple mempertahankan polanya.

Apple iDevice Memory Capacity vs. Generation

At best Apple doubled memory capacity between generations, and at worst it took two generations before doubling. The iPhone 5s ships with 1GB of LPDDR3, keeping memory capacity the same as the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad 4. It’s pretty safe to assume that Apple will go to 2GB with the iPhone 6 (and perhaps iPad 5), and then either stay there for the 6s or double again to 4GB.

Update: Sial! iPhone 6/Plus masih dapat 1 GB. WTH!

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