Label “Free” di App Store berubah menjadi “Get”


Apple has changed the wording for free games in its App Store, and the app purchase buttons that once read “Free” for apps with no cost now read “Get” instead. The change has been implemented on both the iOS App Store and the desktop App Store.

Apps that have an upfront cost continue to be listed with a price underneath, but apps that do not now display the new wording. “Get” has replaced “Free” in the main App Store view on iOS, on the App Store Top Charts, and on individual app pages. The main App Store view on the desktop is still using the former “Free” wording, but it’s likely to update soon.

Apakah ada yang merasa kalau dengan “Get” malah jadi membingungkan? Saya sih iya.

Free = gratis, tinggal tap dan install.
Get = “ini gratis atau berbayar ya?”