One package for all distros

Format pemaketan Click yang sebelumnya sudah ada di Ubuntu Touch kabarnya akan tersedia juga untuk Ubuntu versi desktop.

Dikutip dari artikel Softpedia yang berjudul “Ubuntu’s Click Packages Might End the Linux Packaging Nightmare”:

For now, only the Ubuntu SDK can make Click packages, but they present some advantages over regular ones. For example, they are much safer than regular packages, mostly because there are no maintainer scripts that can run as root. In conjunction with the Ubuntu Software Center and Apparmor, the Click packages are pretty safe.

One of the best features of Click packages is that they have no external dependencies, which means that you can basically run them on any system, regardless of the available libraries installed or in the repositories

Sebelum lebih jauh, apa sih Click itu? Kira-kira seperti ini penjelasan dari halaman dokumentasi Click:

Click is the code name used to describe a packaging format for Ubuntu mobile applications. This format specifies how individual apps are delivered to mobile devices, how they are packed into distributable format, and how they are installed on a mobile device by a system provided package manager.

Menurut Jamie Strandboge (@jdstrand) salah satu keunggulan utama dari Click adalah paket yang dibuat dari Click lebih aman daripada paket DEB…

The real power of click is when it is used in combination with a software repository with strong policies. For example, the security of a click package installed from the Ubuntu App Store is typically higher than that of a deb installed from a trusted archive. This is because in the Ubuntu App Store, the trust model is apps are considered untrusted* and policies and checks are in place to ensure that click packages in the store have a proper security manifest and therefore run under very strict confinement. Contrast that to deb packages in the Ubuntu archive– the trust model is that the software and deb packaging are considered trusted and in general the software does not run under confinement (though there are plenty of exceptions where an AppArmor profile is shipped with the software to guard against security bugs).

Click ini keren, terutama karena faktor keamanannya dan juga karena pengguna bisa menjalankan dua versi berbeda dari aplikasi yang sama.