Touch ID vs. anak 7 tahun

Touch ID sangat aman bahkan untuk pencuri atau polisi/FBI sekalipun. Tapi, bagi Harrison (anaknya @matthew_d_green), cara “meng-crack” Touch ID dan mengakses file-file penting seperti Minecraft atau Angry Birds Transformers tidak begitu sulit. Hanya butuh jempol ayahnya yang sedang tidur.

Dikutip dari CNNMoney:

Green owns an iPhone 6 Plus. That means everything on the phone is encrypted until Green — and only he — unlocks it with his finger.

But Tuesday morning at dawn, little Harrison crept into his parents’ bedroom and walked over to his dad’s side of the bed. He quietly reached for his father’s iPhone, grabbed his right hand and pressed his large thumb onto the fingerprint scanner.

Green woke up and couldn’t blame the kid. After all, it was dad who loaded the phone with Minecraft and Angry Birds Transformers.

Anak yang pintar. Mungkin turunan dari ayahnya yang seorang ahli keamanan komputer.