Satu distro untuk semua perangkat

Dikutip dari artikel di Softpedia yang berjudul Canonical’s Endgame: A Single Linux Distro Running on Desktop and Mobile Devices:

Companies like Canonical don’t really make plans for the short term. Their plans are much more advanced than people imagine, and that includes the Ubuntu distribution and its availability on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

The guys at Canonical, and especially Mark Shuttleworth, didn’t just make some plans to get Ubuntu on phones, although that’s one of their goals. They said that they wanted to see Ubuntu as a mobile operating system more than two years ago, and now they’ve made it happen, but their final goal spans further than this. The company wants to build a single operating system that can be installed on any medium, albeit desktop, mobile, tablet, or anything else.

Seseorang di Redmond sedang memperhatikan…

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